Industries Secured

We have combined smartphone technology, 4G data accessibility, and cloud computing into an innovative mobile application which has revolutionized the way American records, shares, organizes and stores client’s security information.

  • Clients and American may remotely access critical information in real time.
  • 24-7 cellular and SMS communication
  • All forms, data and reports are neat, spell checked, and securely stored on the cloud so American and our clients may access them at any time, from anywhere.
  • Paperless vehicle, pedestrian, visitor logs are easily read, organized, archived, and retrievable.
  • Customized incident reports with pull down menu options and photo attachments that can be automatically sent to a predetermined distribution list based on the category or type of incident.

In order for our officers to respond appropriately to an emergency, our MSMS:

  • Uses an incident check list that guides our officers through an emergency.
  • Allows access to digital post orders that provide detailed response actions.
  • Real time review of the incidents from American and client’s management.
  • Standard Operating Procedures and notices to officers may be updated off-site, ensuring our officers are always working with the current information.
  • Our real-time officer tour tracking system helps ensure our officers are performing comprehensive patrols of our client’s facilities.
  • Tours are mapped out and can be verified using GPS technology.
  • QR codes are strategically positioned at client’s facilities to identify the critical points our officers must check while on their tours.
  • Once scanned, the mobile device will instruct the officer what to check on.
  • Officers will report any incidents and generate a report.

Our MSMS can generate these additional reports:

  • Daily Activity Reports
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Parking Violation Reports
  • Equipment temperature or other gauge reports
  • Pass Down Logs
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