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Our office is located at:

1515 S Harlem Ave, Unit 2
Forest Park, IL 60130-2655


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James Newsome
708/383-6969 Ext. 222

Account Manager

Mike Williams
708/383-6969 Ext. 228

Director of Operations

Trish Baraglia
708/383-6969 x225

Operations Manager

Kamil Melion
708/383-6969 x250

Asst. Operations Manager

Michael Storey
708/383-6969 x257

North Asst. Operations Manager

Michelle Campbell
708/383-6969 x226

South Asst. Operations Manager

Tia Shelby
708/383-6969 x224

Human Resources/Payroll
Mgr of Info Systems

Ron Ramos
708/383-6969 x237

A/P A/R Payroll

Joann Castellano
708/383-6969 x239

Office Mgr/Compliance Mgr/IT

Ross Newsome
708/383-6969 x240

IL License #122.000457, 262.000031
IN License #SG20700151

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