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SCHOOl & Education facilities security

Educational facilities – everything from elementary schools all the way through colleges and universities – are prime targets for those who would do harm to others. Simply put, students and staff are vulnerable and must be protected.

To protect your people and your site, our security guards will perform a variety of services, including:

  • Visible deterrence
  • Foot patrol
  • Access control
  • Visitor and vendor verification
  • Hazard reporting
  • Incident coordination and reporting

During our site survey of your school or educational facility, we will identify any potential security weaknesses and advise you on the best pre-emptive course of action. Our trained and professional security guards will enhance safety, security and peace of mind. Whatever your education site security needs, American Security will deliver world class security for your facility.

Typical, nondescript USA empty school hallway with royal blue metal lockers along both sides of the hallway.